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Remy Lacroix

The Remy Lacroix Pornstar Collection DVD was released in 2020. This was made by the company known as Yuma to be more appealing to a wide audience of both men and women. Yuma did this to make their DVD more appealing to everyone, and now, with these Blu-ray releases, they are able to appeal to those looking for hard core porn that has an all-encompassing adult video to it.

Being one of the best known of all porn stars, Remy had her own reality show and this was a part of it where she took her partner to the Playboy Mansion and they had sex in the famous bed there. She said in her DVD that she took the magazine home that day and actually thought she would take down the words from the Playboy Mansion bed sheets, not realizing that she had already used the bed sheets in her private moments at home.

So, when Remy says she is going to leave Playboy Magazine behind and goes home to use them in her bedroom, you can understand why many might take the opportunity to see if the other woman is a porn star or not. There is definitely no doubt that this is not a porn star getting away with this.

Interview with Remy Lacroix

But, the girl that was watching knew this was a porn star from the start, and she did not want to take a chance with this woman that could do anything she wanted. But, when the time came, she could not resist the temptation of what was taking place in front of her.

It is obvious that there is a porn star being filmed. Remy is dressed in black lingerie, and it is evident that she is enjoying the action.

In the video, when the porn star, in fact, is seen, you can clearly see the difference in the two women’s sizes. Remyis not a petite woman, and you can see the size of her breasts.

The scenes she takes part in on this movie are very erotic, but are not as graphic as the ones on her private site. She will certainly be out of her comfort zone, but that is part of what makes her so great.

Some of the other scenes include a film of her doing things to her man. This is also a part of the “real life” and there is certainly nothing in this scene that is pornographic.

You can see the porn star do things like masturbate, and at one point, she will get down and dirty and some have seen her do things such as anally penetrating her man. She has been told by some people that she looks good enough to be considered a porn star, so there are certain girls who would like to be just like her.

The film is certainly not suitable for children or the younger viewers, and there is a lot of kissing and touching that goes on in this film. Many adults who are not necessarily porn fans will find this very exciting, and if you think that only porn stars get away with these things, then you may want to consider this review.

The Remy Lacroix Pornstar Collection is the latest release from Yuma Pictures, and the most recent addition to the collection is the Remy’s Lover Series. The series is meant to have something for everyone.

In the early days of the Yuma collection, the ultimate line was the Vanilla Cream Collection which was made in conjunction with adult director John Stagliano. In the video below, you can see Remy as she strips naked, and there is no mistaking that the choice is there to help one get started with this great product.