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Vintage Erotica

What does vintage erotica have to do with the modern era? There are many writers and creators of erotica today who would say that the two are closely connected. After all, there is an unspoken code to writing erotica that is quite similar to writing in general.

For example, the word “erotic” means for the most part, to turn a man’s desire into sexual bliss. In other words, sex without eroticism and the erotic without lust is a complete contradiction in terms. Likewise, the erotic without the sexual impulse that it stirs up in us is incomplete.

While the writer cannot physically reach his reader, the sensual feelings stir within him or her still reach the reader and so, the woman’s longing and excitement is experienced in some degree by the reader. And that’s why it’s known as erotic literature and not simply pornography or erotica.

As with all written literature, there is the responsibility of creating this emotional connection between the writer and the reader. If the reader cannot feel or understand what he is reading, then the romance does not reach him at all.

That’s the reason why short stories and novels were created in the first place. What has truly changed is the writing style.

Sannes Sanne Vintage Erotica Photography

Today’s lifestyle and daily routines have seen a sharp decrease in intimacy between the sexes. This has also led to an increase in divorce. The focus on work and family life has meant that many people no longer have the opportunity to spend time together.

While it may seem like time away will rejuvenate a relationship, couples do not find this to be the case. Most don’t even have time to be romantic or to indulge in their most intimate fantasies. And so, the need for what erotic literature can provide grows more intense.

As far as relationships go, many people simply lack the energy or the ability to put the emotions and the special moments behind them. For these women and men, there is no romantic or erotic literature that can provide the same emotional connection as that found in classic works such as vintage erotica.

In middle ages, it was commonplace for women to submit to men and get sexual pleasure from them. The intimate materials found in those days often depicted this and showcased how beautiful the women of the time looked in their erotic writings.

However, these types of romantic literature were less likely to put a woman’s emotions on display than contemporary works. And, for the most part, this is because men and women find themselves working and earning more money than ever before.

Therefore, as with any money factor, the relationship becomes more professional. It only makes sense, then, that this does not influence the way we interact with each other. Instead, the financial difficulties and loss of time between jobs combine to cause stress in relationships.

However, if the modern life is causing the problem, what is it that solves it? Are we reaching a point where women and men must retreat to their erotic fantasies of the past? Time will tell, but one thing is certain – the modern writer will continue to create new and exciting erotic literature and provide meaningful stories and romantic experiences for all who share his or her love of reading.